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GPL Starter on a Rotax 503

Is your Rotax engine hard to pull start?  Tired of pulling that rope, only to be out of breath and too tired to enjoy flight? Maybe you don't have room for the Rotax OEM inline starter?

Enter the GPL Starter, the ONLY starter system that engages the flywheel at a 90 degree angle. The GPL starter adds only 3" in depth to your installation, and you can (optionally) Retain the Pull Starter! 

The GPL Starter is available in two forms:

  • The Basic Starter system includes the starter and all mounting hardware. The installer must supply a battery, regulator / rectifier, battery cables, solenoid and start switch.

  • Add the Deluxe kit, which includes the items listed above. The installer must only supply a battery and battery box for your installation.

 GPL Electric Starters have been installed on thousands of Rotax Engines from Hovercraft, Ultralights, AutoGyros, Powered Parachutes, Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft.  The GPL Starter Kits can be installed on the following Rotax engines:  377, 447, 462, 470, 503, 532 CDI, 532 Points, 582, 618, 670, and 720 models.
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